Romax Nexus; shaping a new world in simulation software

日程: 6月 19, 2019, 09:00 & 16:00 BST

担当者: Dr Jamie Pears, Head of Product Management

Romax are very pleased to be announcing our new simulation platform, Romax Nexus. Backed by 30 years’ innovation in simulation technology and engineering expertise, Romax Nexus is an integrated environment of focused products, with workflows streamlined to specific users.

Watch the recorded webinar to find out:

  • Which of Romax’s new set of focused, specialised products have been developed specifically to support your daily work
  • How they work together, and how they integrate with a wider CAE ecosystem to streamline your development processes
  • How Romax Nexus could enable you to increase your collaboration or achieve more innovation
  • How these changes will make our world-leading technology more flexible, accessible and easier for your business to implement
  • What brand new functionality is now available to our users, including bearing dynamics, acoustic analysis, and specialised motor design capability

Welcome to a new way of working.

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