Advanced Root Stress Analysis of Thin Rimmed Gears

日程: 8月 13, 2018, 09:00 & 16:00 GMT

担当者: Simon White, Senior Product Manager

The webinar will show how system, gear blank and mesh loads can be combined with both centrifugal and thermal expansion effects to provide boundary conditions for a detailed finite element based root stress analysis.


  • Learn about the importance of Root Stress analysis
  • Learn about the updates to the root stress capability in [Romax software] including the main enhancements which enable thin rims to be considered
  • See how self centrifugal and thermal expansion effects can be included in the [Romax software] system model and root stress analysis
  • See how root stress results can be exported for use in other post processors
  • Learn about some of the validation performed in the method development
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